Our Vision

We have a Corporate Plan 2015-2020[pdf] 377KB which sets out our vision, values, mission and strategic goals in detail. 

Our Vision – Enhancing Life Opportunities

Our long term ambition is to be an organisation that not only provides excellent services to our residents, but also helps to change the places where they live and the opportunities they have in life to succeed.

Parents chatting   Older Peoples Day 2013   Young people apprenticeship


Our Mission – To provide quality homes and create communities where people choose to live.

Rosemary Gardens   Armstrong Road  Haven Close, Suttong Valence


Our Values

Our values - open   Our values - customer   Our values - creatives   Our Values - performance   Our values - positive


Strategic Goals

  • Growing the number of homes we provide and diversifying our services
  • Investing in our Assets and Communities
  • Enhancing our financial strength
  • Delivering excellent customer service
  • Developing awareness of our work amongst our people and partners