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    You said, we did

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    Golding Homes is committed to listening to our customers and acting on your feedback.

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You said, we did

We take your feedback through complaints, surveys, and compliments seriously. Our ‘You Said, We Did’ feature details what we've done to improve our services to you over the last year.

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You said, we did December 21

  • You said: Sometimes when you speak to us, things are concerning you beyond your need for a repair or information on your rent account. Customers often need legal or emotional support, perhaps advice on a family issue or support during a period of poor mental health. 

  • We did: We’ve invested in the Tenant Support and Wellbeing Service on behalf of our customers, which is now live. Our customers can access counselling and information 24 hours a day, seven days a week, completely confidentially. We're proud to offer this service, as an additional benefit to our customers exactly when it’s needed most. 

  • You said: The outside of your property hasn’t been decorated for years. 
  • We did: In the New Year we’re starting a periodic decoration programme of our homes which will run over the next seven years. We’ll be arranging to visit your homes, to assess the condition of the property and any works needed.
  • You Said: You wanted to know where you are in the queue when you call us  

  • We Did: We’ve put in place a way to tell you while you wait for the call to be answered