Our websites are important for keeping in touch with our customers and sharing important news and updates. Customers can also use the website to find out how to contact us, give feedback on our service, tell us when service is good and how we can improve. If you have any problems with access on the site, please email us at

We want everyone to be able to use our website and are working to make it as accessible as we can. We have a crystal mark awarded by the Plain English Campaign for best practice, but we want to make navigation even easier and welcome your feedback.

This site uses Reachdeck which offers reading and translation support for each page.

This includes:

  • text read aloud: click on any text to hear it read aloud
  • translation: written and spoken translations in selected languages
  • larger text size
  • screen mask: blocks distractions on screen with a tinted mask
  • simplification of the page: displays only the main text
  • help button

The icon for Reachdeck can be found top right of your screen.

Image showing menu position of Reachdeck button at top of the page

You can also change the contrast of our website page using the blue button also highlighted above.

If you have a disability and want help and advice on how to make your device easier to use, please visit the website AbilityNet.


How to ask for information in an accessible format

If you want information from Golding Homes in another format including braille or another language, we’re happy to help. Please get in touch with us by email to to request this.