1. Assignment of Tenancy

    Assignment of Tenancy Front Page

    Assignment of Tenancy Advice Sheet

    If you wish to transfer a Golding Homes property from the existing main tenant to another one then this Advice Sheet will help you.

  2. Buying your Flat

    Buying Your Flat Front Page

    Buying Your Flat Advice Sheet 

    If you are thinking of buying your flat please read our Advice Sheet.

  3. Communal Areas

    Communal Areas Advice Sheet

    Communal Areas Advice Sheet 

    Our Advice Sheet explains why it is important to keep communal areas safe and clear of obstructions.

  4. Fencing Advice Sheet

    Fencing Advice Sheet 2019 Front page

    Fencing Advice Sheet 

    We have set out some FAQs relating to fences in our Advice Sheet

  5. How to Leave your Home

    How to leave your home

    How to Leave your Home

    Moving Home? Read our guidance on how to leave your home. 

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