Moving in

Before you move into your home, there's a few things you should know and may need to do: 

  • Your property will be unfurnished, with vinyl flooring in the kitchen and bathroom.
  • When you move in, you can expect that your new home will meet our Golding Standard.
  • Please read our repairs guide to see our responsibilities and what you're responsible for. 
  • If you're on a starter tenancy, you'll get a phone call or a visit, six weeks after moving in, to check you're settled in to your new home.
  • Some of our homes require a parking permit to avoid fines. This will be provided when you move in if needed.
  • It’s your responsibility to register with utility providers, so we can switch the gas supply back on in your new property. There will need to be £5 on both your gas and electricity meter, otherwise this can't be done. 
  • It's vital that you get contents insuranced cover for your belongings and furnishings, in case there’s a fire or serious leak, for example.
  • Redirect your mail and change your address. 
  • You’ll be provided with three front door keys. Consider leaving a key with family or a close friend so if you’re locked out, you can get back in to your home. If we need to do a lock change, you’ll be charged.
  • If any of your bins are missing when you first move in, you can report them as missing and request new ones with your local borough council.