Equality Diversity and Inclusion 2021 -22 update

Golding tradesperson with customer in their home

We're committed to Equality, Diversity & Inclusion (ED&I). In 2021 we launched our ED&I strategy and continue to progress towards becoming a more diverse and inclusive organisation.

We celebrate ED&I, raise awareness, challenge bias, call attention to injustices and are defiant in our approach.

The ED&I Strategy is reviewed every 3 years and is supported by an annual action plan.

Our Progress so far

List of ED&I achievements

Images of ED&I activities in 2021

Current Measures of Success

  • Positive balance with a 50/50 male and female split across the Senior Management Team and Executive Team
  • Ethnicity and Gender Pay Gap reporting
  • An Ideas Hub which is a voice for everyone. This measures who, within the organisation, propose the ideas 
  • Our colleague surveys specifically measure feedback on Diversity 
  • Monitoring colleague diversity data including recruitment as we strive for a more diverse workforce. 

 Our 2022 Action Plan next steps

  • Measuring the diversity of colleague diversity promoted internally
  • A great company culture – measuring our progress through our Culture Survey
  • Continuation of Customer Service focus, including Customer Service training
  • Continuing to build on the importance of ED&I and our diversity standpoint through social media campaigns
  • Working towards a stronger employer brand to attract diverse candidates via our website, including Disability Confident accreditation
  • Becoming Stonewall champions, raising awareness of LGBTQ+ community and embedding into our organisation.