We Care Awards

Our We Care awards recognise those “silent heroes” in our communities that go the extra mile to help others.  

Thanks to an idea from Golding Homes’ Repairs Supervisor, Wayne Hepburn, all customers have the chance to nominate people living or working in your neighbourhoods who help individuals and communities, and positively contribute to the well-being of others.   

Nominations for these awards need to come from a Golding customer but the nominee can be anyone who provides support or a service for individuals or communities where our customers live and have benefited from the support put in place. 

You can make your nominations via our online form or by calling us on 0300 777 2600. All you’ll need to provide is yours and your nominee’s contact details and some information on why they should win this award.   

Every six months our Customer Insight Group will get the fantastic job of choosing a winner from the nominations put forward by you.  Not only does the chosen winner get recognised for their brilliant contribution and support to the local community but they also get to choose a reward up to the value of £500! This could be for garden furniture, decorating tools or dinner with your community group. 

“Please nominate your silent heroes, anyone that helps and cares for others or goes that extra mile for others in your communities. They deserve some recognition and the chance to win a We Care award.” Wayne Hepburn, Repairs Supervisor 

How to nominate 

Do you know someone that’s gone that extra mile for you, your neighbours or local community?   

We want to hear from you about the people you think are making a real difference to the lives and well-being of our customers.  

Nominate an individual for our We Care awards