Rent from us

To rent one of our homes or to move home, you’ll need to be registered with one of our partnerships’ housing registers as we don’t use a direct waiting list (this includes current customers).

To join a housing register, you'll need to meet certain criteria set out by the local authority you're applying with and you'll then be prioritised based on your housing need. You can find out whether you’re eligible and how to apply using the links below:

If you’re eligible, you’ll be able to apply for, or ‘bid’ on available properties which meet your needs. Once the advert closes, the local authority will provide a shortlist of applicants, in line with their allocation scheme. 

We’ll then contact the applicant with the highest priority and complete our verification, in line with our allocations policy. Following this, our Onboarding team will guide you through the process and provide you with the information you need about moving in

If you’re over 55 and have a need for our Enhanced Management service, then subject to assessment, you may qualify for accommodation in one of our OPAL properties.

If you don’t qualify for social or affordable rented housing, then you might want to think about privately renting a home from us. Take a look at our new build developments.

Onboarding Process

Our Onboarding Advisors will be there to guide you through the moving process, give you important information and answer any questions or concerns you may have. 

  • We’ll complete a verification process with you. This allows us to make sure we have all your details recorded correctly, make sure you can afford to live in the property and check that you’re eligible for a one of our homes.
  • You’ll be required to provide proof of your identity. If you’re not a UK citizen, we'll need to see that you have the right to remain in the UK.
  • You’ll need to complete our online Tenancy Training programme: this will provide you with useful information about managing your tenancy, running your home, repairs and safety.
  • You’ll be provided with a virtual viewing of the property or an in person viewing if you’re eligible.
  • You'll need to read the leaflets we send you as they contain important information. 
  • You’ll need to pay at least one week's rent in advance before you can sign the paperwork and collect your keys.
  • Read and understand your tenancy agreement: it's a legal contract between you and us. It tells you what your responsibilities and rights are and outlines what our responsibilities are as your landlord. It also tells you how we can end the tenancy and how you can end it.
  • Sign the tenancy agreement and tenant disclosure form. If you're applying for a joint tenancy, both tenants must sign the tenancy agreement. You’ll be invited to register with our customer portal, MyGolding, to help manage your tenancy.