Working with suppliers

We procure contracts to meet our customers’ requirements and achieve best value for money.

We want to provide the best services and quality products to our customers so they can be proud to call one of our properties their home.

We procure contracts for services these areas:

  • Compliance
  • Asset Management
  • Property Services
  • Technology
  • Utilities


We want to work with the best suppliers from different sectors who share our commitment to excellence and who'll work with us to deliver quality products and services. 

We view our partners as extensions of our team, working hand-in-hand with us to achieve common goals and overcome challenges.

Procurement pipeline

We have a five-year procurement plan, which shows what we need to achieve in the next five years. 

Golding Homes Procurement Plan 2022 - 2027.xlsx [xlsx] 35KB

Get in touch

Please contact us at to discuss any projects in our pipeline.

Key Components of Our Procurement Pipeline

Strategic sourcing

Our procurement journey begins with strategic sourcing. We identify, assess and select suppliers who align with our values, standards and culture. This not only ensures the reliability of our supply chain, but also fosters partnerships that benefit our customers and the local community.

Open and fair competition

Transparency is a key aspect of our procurement practices. From request for quotation to contract award, our processes are clear, accountable and compliant. We believe in open communication to build trust with both our internal stakeholders and external partners.

Sustainable Procurement

Our Procurement Pipeline integrates sustainable practices. We're committed to responsible sourcing, minimizing environmental impact and supporting ethical and socially responsible suppliers. This commitment extends beyond compliance, reflecting our dedication to being a conscientious corporate citizen and giving back to our local community, and ultimately achieving net zero. Read our Sustainability Strategy for more information. 


The procurement journey is collaborative. We actively engage with our internal teams, suppliers, residents and other stakeholders to decide on scope of services, innovation and opportunities for continuous improvement. 

Value for money

Success in our tenders and contract awards is not solely determined by cost; it's measured by the quality of service and positive impact on our communities through Social Value. Together with our suppliers, we strive to deliver the best services and improve homes and quality of life. Please see our Value for Money Strategy for more information.