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Reparing and maintaining your home 

Whether you live on a country lane or in a bustling town, your home should be a place of safety, comfort, and pride. Caring for a home is an ongoing job and we do it better when we work together.

Working together  

Some aspects of repairs and maintenance are the responsibility of Golding, while other jobs are part of the normal running of a home that all customers carry out, whether day to day, or every year.  

This information is an easy guide to the areas of repairs and maintenance that we carry out, and those that are your responsibility.  

Where Golding is responsible, there’s also a handy guide to the priority level for each kind of job, so you know what to expect when you contact us. A useful rule of thumb though, is that the earlier you report repairs, the sooner they will be attended to, and the less risk there will be of any damage to your home.  

We’ll repair structural damage to your home. What we can’t do is replace the furniture and possessions that are so essential to making your home a home. To protect your belongings if the unexpected happens, we recommend that you purchase an affordable home contents insurance policy. We have some details on a more affordable policy on our support page here .    

Some jobs are the responsibility of your local council. Find the website for your local council here .  

How to report a repair

The quickest and easiest way to report a repair to us is through  MyGolding .   Register today for 24/7 access to your account.  

Find out more about reporting repairs here.

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