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Reparing and maintaining your home 

Whether you live on a country lane or in a bustling town, your home should be a place of safety, comfort, and pride. Caring for a home is an ongoing job and we do it better when we work together.

Working together  

Some aspects of repairs and maintenance are the responsibility of Golding, while other jobs are part of the normal running of a home that all customers carry out, whether day to day, or every year.  

This information is an easy guide to the areas of repairs and maintenance that we carry out, and those that are your responsibility.  

Where we're responsible, there’s also a handy guide to the priority level for each kind of job, so you know what to expect when you contact us. A useful rule of thumb though, is that the earlier you report repairs, the sooner they'll be attended to, and the less risk there will be of any damage to your home.  

We’ll repair structural damage to your home. What we can’t do is replace the furniture and possessions that are so essential to making your property a home. To protect your belongings if the unexpected happens, we recommend that you purchase an affordable home contents insurance policy. We have some details on a more affordable policy on our support page here .    

Some jobs are the responsibility of your local council. Find the website for your local council here .

The quickest and easiest way to report a repair to us is through  MyGolding. Register today for 24/7 access to your account.  

Find out more about reporting repairs here.

For more information on how we work click here.

Getting rid of waste responsibly

We want to support all customers to live in clean, safe, green neighbourhoods. More information on what we're doing is available on our dedicated neighbourhoods improvement page.

Everyone is responsible for getting rid of waste sensibly and for keeping their neighbourhood clean.  Find out more here.

Keeping areas in and around the home clean and free of litter, and getting rid of rubbish responsibly, is the best way to make sure you keep pests at bay. Always:

  • Put your waste in a bag, check for holes before securing it tightly, to stop spills and placing the bag in the bin with lid on
  • Clean up any spills, especially food and drink

More advice and useful tips are available here.

Getting rid of bulk waste

You can get help and advice on getting rid of waste, including bulk waste, from your local council.   

How to find your local council: 

You can find your local council at 


Quick checklist

You can help keep your home in good condition by:

  • Registering for  MyGolding to make accessing your information and making requests easier
  • Reporting repairs as soon as you can
  • Being available for your appointment for your gas safety check each year (if you have a gas supply)
  • Being available for your electrical safety inspection every five years
  • Being available for servicing of any Golding Homes equipment within your home that requires a safety check or inspection

At our discretion, we'll undertake repairs, at our cost, that are normally classed as the customers’ responsibility based on the specific needs of the individual customer (eg deemed vulnerable).

Thanks for working with us. 


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