Your Tenancy Agreement

Your tenancy agreement is a legal contract between you and us. It sets out your rights and responsibilities as a tenant. When you sign it, you're agreeing to all the terms and conditions listed in it. It also sets out our responsibilities as your landlord. 


Your responsibilities include:

  • Paying the rent and service charges
  • Looking after your home and any garden
  • Being a good neighbour
  • Not causing anti-social behaviour

Our responsibilities include:

  • Repairing the structure and exterior of your home
  • Repairing some internal fixtures and fittings of your home
  • Undertaking communal cleaning and grounds maintenance

Types of tenancy

There are different types of tenancies based on when you became a customer with us. Please refer to your tenancy agreement for more information.

New tenancies

Most new tenants have to go through a probationary period so we can make sure that you're able to manage the tenancy and pay your rent when it's due. These are known as Starter Tenancies.

During the probationary period, if we have to end your tenancy we'll serve you with a notice after the first four months of your tenancy. Therefore, it's essential that you contact us straight away if you're struggling to pay your rent, so that we can try to help you and avoid us having to repossess your home.