Total Rewards Package

We're passionate about our colleagues feeling valued, appreciated and engaged. Creating a happy and enjoyable working environment is extremely important to us. We offer a fantastic range of benefits, ranging from a competitive salary scheme to discounts and flexibility to suit your needs.

Total Benefits:


Wellbeing Fund

Wellbeing Fund: We pay up to £200 towards your wellbeing and personal development each year. This can be used on personal leisure, relaxation, sport, equipment and more!


Simplyheath: Supporting your wellbeing is key and our health cashplan ensures you can access and afford to stay healthy through dental treatment, visits to the optician, complementary therapies and much more.

The Nest

The Nest Reward Portal: Our rewards portal hosts many of our exciting benefits and discounts in one place.

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Golding Giveback: Social purpose and the opportunity to give back is important to us, which is why we offer 2 paid days off for volunteering.


Pension Scheme & Life Assurance: We offer a competitive salary exchange scheme where we contribute 7% of your salary and you contribute 5%. As contributions are payable by salary exchange you receive tax relief at your highest rate of tax immediately. As a member of our pension scheme, you also have access to life assurance at four times the value of your salary.

Family Leave

Family Leave: We're committed to being competitive while supporting you during a very important time of life. We offer enhanced Maternity, Paternity and Adoption Leave pay.

Sabbatical Leave

Sabbatical Leave: After three years of service, we offer the option to take a career break, providing individuals with the opportunity to explore options for a break.

Flexible Working

Hybrid Working: Our Hub, Home, Roam approach allows you to work from wherever suits you best whilst also having a central workspace to collaborate and come together. We offer hybrid working as standard, where possible.

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WeCare Day: We value your health and wellbeing and recognise that on occasion colleagues may need some time away from work to focus on their wellbeing and metaphorically ‘recharge their batteries’, so we offer one paid wellbeing day per rolling year.

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Dependency Carer Leave: We understand that when a dependent falls ill, or care arrangements break down, you may need time away from work to make alternative arrangements. We allow a maximum of five days paid dependency carer leave in a rolling year.

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Domestic Emergency Leave: We’re aware you may on occasion unexpectedly need to deal with serious emergencies at home, such as fire, burglary, flooding, or storm damage. We will grant up to two days paid leave to deal with a serious domestic emergency in a rolling year.

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Fertility (IVF) Treatment Leave: You’re entitled to up to three days paid leave in any rolling 12-month period to undergo fertility treatment. This equally applies to those whose partner is undergoing fertility treatment.

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Extra Days Leave for No Sickness Absence: We will award one extra day of annual leave in the next leave year if you have no sickness absence between 1 April and 31 March in any given year.