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Mobility scooters in communal areas

We understand the role that mobility scooters play in maintaining independence for those customers that need them but as a Landlord, we have a responsibility to consider the health and safety of all residents in the building.


Inspiring next generation builders

Budding young house builders in Maidstone receive a lesson in construction safety and the benefits of environmentally friendly housing.


County Lines - Know the signs to spot

County Lines is the term used when criminal gangs set up a drug-dealing operation in a place outside their usual operating area. Golding Homes are determined to make sure that this does not happen in our properties.


Golding Homes sponsors Green School Awards

We are proud to be sponsoring Inspire School's Green School Awards 2020, which will showcase environmental campaigns and best practice within our schools. 


Peace of Mind with Golding Lifeline

Golding Lifeline is an emergency alarm system which enables you to call for help in an emergency 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It provides peace of mind in the knowledge that help is only a simple press of a button away and enables many people to continue to live independently.

External surveys to properties

Over the course of the next few months, we will be carrying external stock condition surveys to a number of our properties using drones. These surveys are not intrusive and will not require access to any of the insides of our residents' homes.

Staff Training Day - 19 Sep 2019

Our offices will be closed on Thursday 19 September for a Staff Training Day. We will reopen at 8.30am on 20 September 2019.


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