Better Off Calculator

Better Off Calculator

We know things are tight for everyone at the moment and how important it is that we maximise our income.  

That’s why we’re giving all our customers access to this FREE “Better off calculator” to find out if you could get benefits and if so, how much. The calculator will also show you how changes in your household budget can affect your income. 

Enter your details into the Better off Calculator to see how you could be better off financially. 

Complete the Better Off Calculator 


In addition to finding out if you’re entitled to benefits, the Better Off Calculator can: 

  • provide you with information on other financial support available, 
  • allow you to download and print your details and use these as documents in other appointments with organisations like Citizens Advice, Shelter, Job Centre. 

If you need help with your results and would like additional financial support our fully trained Welfare and Income Advisors are on hand. Simply complete the Calculator and select “Send to Advisor” for a member of our team to be in touch.  

If you need any support in filling out the Calculator, there’s a useful online help tool or alternatively you can contact us at or call us on 0300 777 2600 and speak to Customer Success. We’re here to help.  

Privacy and your data  

The Better off Calculator requires some personal data about your household and financial circumstances so that it can correctly calculate your potential benefit entitlement. The Calculator only makes use of personal data that you’ve provided.  If you choose to send us your information so that we can support you, you’re giving us your consent to access the personal data you’ve included in the form. You can opt out of sharing your data at any time by emailing  

All personal information will be processed in line with our Privacy Policy  

We don’t share the data entered into the Calculator with any third parties. The Calculator is provided and hosted by our partners Policy in Practice.  

Policy in Practice don’t have access to the data you enter into the Calculator. If you choose to share your results with us, only we’ll have access to it. This information will be stored for a year after we’ve finished working with you and then deleted.