Cost of living advice on debt

Cost of living advice on debt

We know debt can affect anyone. If you feel that your debts are getting out of control, then get some help as soon as you can before they get worse. If you’re struggling with your rent talk to us, we’re here to help. 

If you’re experiencing debt problems, you’re not alone. Citizens Advice deal with thousands of people with money problems every single day.  

Debt can happen to anyone and can occur due to an unexpected event, losing or changing your job, becoming ill, ending a relationship, or just finding it difficult to manage your money. These things and many more can all contribute to finding yourself in debt.  

When debt becomes unmanageable, the pressures can soon build up. Many of us avoid dealing with the problem out of fear or embarrassment.  The good news is that there is help out there from people who understand and will help you to find a solution , and often, some much needed breathing space.    

 We can help you access support and signpost you to someone who can help with your debts.  

Janet, one of our customers was struggling with money and debts until she spoke to us. Find out about her story below.