Be a good neighbour

Good neighbours

Good neighbours

A good neighbour is someone who's reasonable and tolerant of other people's views and lifestyles, and someone who thinks about how their behaviour affects others. Your neighbours are people you're likely to see every day or, at least, often. Being a good neighbour helps to make your community a nice place to live and is an important part of your tenancy agreement. 

Follow the "Golden Rules" to be a good neighbour.

  • Respect your neighbours' personal space
  • If there's a problem or you’ve had a misunderstanding, please talk to each other to try and sort things out. Don’t let it fester and then get angry
  • If you borrow anything let them know when you’ll give it back and keep to the time you’ve agreed. If you break something you’ve borrowed, pay to fix or replace it
  • Not everyone is a dog or cat lover, so please take responsibility for your pets. Keep them off your neighbour’s garden and pick up after them 
  • Park considerately and remember that you may not be able to park in your favourite spot every time
  • Don’t be the neighbourhood gossip


Don't be a noisy neighbour

Don't be a noisy neighbour

Noise is our biggest complaint.  No one expects their neighbour to be quiet as a mouse, but you should  respect your neighbours when it comes to making too much noise. 

A lot depends on where you live, what type of property you live in. 

Follow some basic good manners when it comes to making noise: 

  • If you live in a flat, don’t shout to someone at the other end of the hall. Others may be sleeping or resting. 

  • Try and let your neighbour know if you'll doing really noisy things like hammering a nail on a common wall that you share with next door. Please don't do this kind of work past 7pm. It can wait until the next day.  If you know they have young children you should stop even earlier. 

  • Keep the noise from radios, stereos and televisions at a reasonable level. Where possible please don't put these things against a shared inside wall.
  • Try and wait until at least 10am to mow your lawn in the morning. 

  • Sitting outside on a warm summer night with your partner or friend is wonderful, but don’t be loud and take it indoors after 10pm.