Anti Social Behaviour

We all have the right to live peacefully and safely in our homes and communities without anti-social behaviour, but we understand sometimes things happen that make this a challenge. 

If you're experiencing issues with your neighbours and you feel safe to do so, try and resolve the issue by calmly talking to them first.   Explain how their activities or behaviour is affecting you.  Most problems between neighbours can be sorted out privately, before you make a formal complaint. If this isn’t possible, or doesn’t work, please report the behaviour to us. Don’t put yourself at risk. 

Anti-social behaviour (ASB) covers a large amount of unacceptable behaviours, which have a harmful impact on the lives of neighbours and the wider community, causing fear and anxiety.  

At Golding we take ASB very seriously and we have an important role in responding to the concerns of our customers and our communities and offering an effective response. We can’t do this alone, so we work in partnership with customers, communities, local authorities and the Police to find solutions that will help.  

** If you’re in immediate danger, phone the police on 999 ** 

We expect everyone to have consideration for their neighbours but when you are living in close proximity, sometimes they may do things that irritate us. This could be playing music during the day, parking their car in your favourite spot, children playing in the street and communal areas or having an occasional party.  

Deciding if a particular behaviour constitutes ASB depends on many factors. 

Before we take any action, we'll consider: 

  • The type of behaviour 
  • The severity and frequency of incidents 
  • The evidence that is available 
  • The impact that the behaviour is having 
  • Whether the person/people whose behaviour is causing the problems has been given an opportunity to change it (depending on the severity of it) and whether there has been an improvement 
  • What other intervention(s) has/ have been considered or tried  

Reporting ASB 

We need you to keep a record of the incident(s) when it happens, and we’ll ask you for this information to help us resolve your concerns. 

Our colleagues are trained and available to discuss these issues and help find a solution. 

You can report ASB:  

Feedback Form

Telephone – 0300 777 2600 (free from most landlines and mobiles)  

Post – Golding Homes, County Gate One, Staceys Street, Maidstone ME14 1ST

What other steps can I take? 

It may be necessary for you to report the incident to another agency, for example if the incident is serious or criminal, you should contact the police as soon as possible.   If the incident relates to environmental issues such as pets, noise or fly-tipping, then you should also report it to your local council. 

What happens after I make an ASB report?  

When we receive your report, we’ll contact you to agree the next step. Your case will be banded by a severity rating based on the immediate risk posed or any safety concerns.   For high severity cases this will be in one working day, medium risk cases, three working days and low risk cases five working days.

We'll  agree a timescale with you for keeping you informed of progress Wherever possible, we try to sort out disputes quickly  and  have a range of tools  and agencies that we can use to help.  However, in more serious cases, we may need to take legal action. This is always a last resort and in order to do this, the Court would require good supporting evidence.  

Will I remain anonymous? 

We will not give your name to the perpetrator unless legal action is required, in which case your formal statement may be released to them but we will discuss this with before we do anything.

As well as the information on this page you can read our  Community Safety Policy.pdf [pdf] 254KB and our Anti Social Behaviour [pdf] 2MB guide.