Right to Buy & Right to Acquire

You might be able to buy your current home if you qualify for the following schemes.

Right to Buy

This scheme allows tenants to buy their home at a discounted price.  The Right to Buy is personal to an individual. You may have the Right to Buy if:

  • You were a secure tenant of Maidstone Borough Council and were living in the property when it transferred to Golding Homes (previously Maidstone Housing Trust)
  • The property is your only or principal home
  • You can apply to buy with up to 3 members of your family, providing they have lived with you for the past 12 months and the property is their only or principal home.

The amount you have to pay for your home depends on how much it is worth on the open market.  You will receive a discount based on the number of years you have been a tenant. The level of discount is based on how long you have held your tenancy.  There is also a maximum permitted discount amount, and this is reviewed annually and could increase upon review.

Find out more in our Right to Buy [pdf] 3MB leaflet and our guide, The-Right-to-Buy---Information-for-Golding-Homes-Tenants-April-2022.pdf [pdf] 152KB.  You can also visit righttobuy.gov.uk where you will find further information and help.

If you were not a tenant of Maidstone Borough Council at the time of the transfer of your home to Golding Homes then you do not have the Right to Buy.  However, you may have the Right to Acquire.

Right to Acquire

The Right to Acquire is a scheme giving eligible Golding Homes residents the right to purchase the home they currently rent.  To be eligible you must be an assured tenant of Golding Homes, with at least three years previous tenancy with a public sector landlord.

The Right to Acquire does not apply to all properties. Certain properties in rural areas (villages), or homes specially adapted for elderly or disabled people are exempt.  You may buy your home with someone who is a joint tenant with you, or members of your family if they are eligible and if the property is their only or principal home.

How much you pay for your home under the Right to Acquire differs from Right to Buy.  The discounts you will be entitled to are fixed cash amounts, based on the location of your property.  Find out more in our Right To Acquire  leaflet.

For more information, visit https://www.ownyourhome.gov.uk/scheme/right-to-acquire/, email us at help@goldinghomes.org.uk or call 0300 777 2600.