Report a Repair

The quickest and easiest way to report a repair to us is through  MyGoldingRegister today for 24/7 access to your account. 

MyGolding offers a secure way to book a repair at a time and place that suits you. Registration is easy, just follow the link and have your tenancy number and a valid email address to hand. You can find your tenancy number at the top of your rent statement. 

You can also report a repair by  calling us and selecting option 1.

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Repairs - how we work

As you’d expect we prioritise repairs based on a number of different factors, including any vulnerabilities within your household which may be affected by a longer wait.  

The general categories we use are: 

  • Emergency (24 hour): Any problem that is causing immediate damage to the home or is a health and safety issue. At this appointment we’ll make sure action is taken to prevent further damage and that you and your family are safe. Further repairs will take place after this. 

  • Urgent (7 days): Any issue that will cause damage to your home or will affect your wellbeing if it’s left for a prolonged period 

  • Routine (28 days): Any day-to-day repair to your home 

We’re committed to doing a good job and completing the repair first time where possible. We aim to complete all repairs within 28 days. In certain circumstances this might not be possible, for example in extreme weather. If it’s not, we’ll always contact you and let you know when we’ll complete the job. 

We’ll always treat you and your home with respect. If you’re not happy with the service we provide, please send us your feedback.  

Before we visit, our customer service team will agree the works needed in your home. At the first visit our operatives will explain what works we’ll be carrying out and ensure you’re happy before we leave. To help everything go as smoothly as possible, please make sure that the area we need to work in is free from household items. 

Whilst we’re working in or around your home, please do everything you can to return our care and respect by keeping your property safe and smoke-free while we’re with you. Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult in the home. If this is not possible, we’ll need to cancel and rebook your appointment.  

If you, your relatives or friends cause any damage to your home, you're responsible for the repairs. If we carry out any repairs due to this damage we'll recharge you.

We love your pets but when we’re carrying out work in your home, please make sure they’re kept safely in another room.  

We’ll not tolerate any mistreatment of our customers by colleagues, and as you’d expect, the same applies to any abuse of our colleagues.