Making Golding Greener

Seeds sprouting

Reducing our environmental impact and helping our residents save money on their bills are priorities for Golding Homes. In March 2021 we published our first Environmental Sustainability Strategy. It placed an early focus on improving our energy data, bringing in expertise and establishing our environmental performance baseline.

We've made good progress on these priorities, resulting in our SHIFT Silver award in February 2022. To reflect this progress, we updated our strategy in May 2022.


Our 2022-24 environmental sustainability priorities

We’ve identified six environmental sustainability priorities - summarised below:  

1. Existing assets

Most of our homes that exist now will be in use in 2050. It is therefore important that we improve the energy and environmental performance of these homes. We'll do this by increasing insulation and installing low carbon heating and solar panels in our least energy efficient homes. We'll also improve our energy data so that we carry out these measures in a logical and efficient way.

2. New build properties

It's essential that our new homes are fit for the future, with minimal need for retrofit work in the years to come. We'll increase the environmental performance of our development programme by updating our design specifications and expanding the use of Modern Methods of Construction. This will help us to deliver affordable and sustainable homes, with reduced embodied carbon and enhanced biodiversity. 

3. Working with customers

Customers are central to our sustainability ambition. We'll support them to reduce their energy and water bills, increase recycling, reduce fly tipping and improve biodiversity. We'll make sure our plans are customer-led, by providing clarity about what, why and how sustainability improvements will happen and listening to their feedback.

4. Biodiversity

We're committed to ensuring our green spaces are great for wildlife and great spaces for our customers to enjoy. Following our successful trial, we'll increase the number of wildflower areas on our estates. We'll also work with customers to develop a biodiversity and green space action plan.

5. Facilities and operations

We recognise that our day to day activities have an environmental impact. We'll establish our sustainability baselines and set targets to cut carbon emissions, energy, water and waste. We'll also use our purchasing power to influence suppliers. We aim to have an electric vehicle fleet by 2030 and will develop a roadmap to get us there.

6. Monitoring, imporving and governance

We've already achieved SHIFT Silver and aim to achieve SHIFT Gold by 2024. We'll also publish an annual ESG report.

More information can be found in our  Environment Sustainability Strategy.


Modern Methods of construction (MMC)

Lorry loaded with MMC housing panels                    MMC house unit                        Family outside they new MMC build home


We intend to expand on Golding’s use of MMC. This approach will enable us to deliver affordable and sustainable homes, with reduced embodied carbon and to quicker timescales, helping to provide more customers in our communities with much-needed homes. Our approach will also support Homes England's key funding criteria.