Clean, Safe, Green Charter

What are Clean, Safe, Green Charters?   

Our Charters are a shared vision for all who live and work within a neighbourhood and allow everyone to focus on specific issues. Each charter is tailored to the neighbourhood, and it highlights who is responsible for each issue so it’s easier to know who to report them to.  

What do we mean by Clean, Safe, Green?  

  • Cleaner streets, free of litter, graffiti and dog fouling, where people feel safe, and children can play without fear.
  • Safer neighbourhoods, free from the suffering caused by noisy neighbours and antisocial behaviour.
  • Greener communities with parks that are attractive, inviting and well maintained . Open spaces are not blighted by dumped rubbish and abandoned vehicles. Communal areas of planting are regularly cut and maintained and free from litter and rubbish.  

How do Clean, Safe, Green issues affect neighbourhoods?  

These issues affect the way that neighbourhoods look and therefore the way that the people living there feel about their own community. Not only can these issues affect people’s quality of life, but they can also affect issues such as house prices, job opportunities, people moving in and out the area,  unemployment, and health.  

How are the charters developed?  

We consult with as many residents as possible to find out what issues are affecting their neighbour, what their priorities are and what changes they would like to see happen. We use this information to feedback to our Partners such as Kent Police, Kent Fire and Rescue, Kent County Council and local authorities and schools. We also welcome involvement from any other Housing Providers in the neighbourhood. Working with both residents and stakeholders, we develop the charter document over a period of time and once complete, we ask stakeholders to sign to show their commitment.  

What areas have a charter in place?  

We launched our first charter in Marden in October 2023, benefitting over 4,000 residents.  

The Clean Safe Green Charter Marden PDF.pdf [pdf] 405KB is a set of agreed standards that will help to improve the Marden area to make sure it’s clean, safe and green for everyone living there. 

It’s a shared vision for the community that involves Golding Homes, mhs homes, Marden Parish Council, Maidstone Borough Council, Kent County Council, Kent Police, Kent Fire and Rescue Service, and most importantly the members of the community.

The charter sets out the rights, responsibilities and expectations between customers and service providers, making it easier for local communities to know who to contact for what issue. 

Visit Clean Safe Green Charter Marden PDF.pdf [pdf] 405KB to learn more

Watch our Marden Clean Safe Green video