Dynamic Purchasing System

Our existing and potential suppliers can apply to provide a variety of services under the Dynamic Purchasing System including but not limited to: 

  • Architectural services
  • Employers agent services
  • Specialist engineering services
  • Sales agents
  • Valuers
  • Recruitment Panel
  • Recruitment, employment, and pensions (legal services)
  • Development, regen & new business (legal services)
  • Commercial Property management (legal services)
  • Financial services (legal services)
  • Corporate Governance services (legal services)
  • Procurement & general orders (legal services)
  • Shared Ownership New Home Plot Sales, Lease Assignment & Post Sale Matters (legal services)
  • Right to Buy and Right to Acquire Conveyancing & Disposals and Post Sale Matters (legal services)
  • Security Charging (legal services)

All suppliers interested in applying will need to register on the Delta eSourcing portal.

Tenderers are encouraged to review the Contract notice which can be located in TED (tenders electronic daily). The contract notice reference is  2019/S 239-586907.

The notice includes an overview of the lot structure and associated services covered under the Dynamic Purchasing System.

To respond to this opportunity, tenderers must refer to the web address provided below. This web address must be amended to include the relevant lot code: https://www.delta-esourcing.com/respond/[accesscode]. To find the appropriate code read our Dynamic Purchasing System - Access Codes 2020 [pdf] 65KB document. 

All queries must be directed via the Delta portal, tenderers should not make any attempt to contact Golding Homes directly regarding this opportunity.