Moving home

Picture of a houseIf you are thinking about moving from your current home there are different options available to you, depending on your circumstances. When you move into a Golding Homes property we will ensure it is in a clean and safe condition. See our  Voids Re Let Leaflet for more details.

Mutual Exchange

If you are overcrowded and looking for a larger property or are thinking about downsizing then you might want to consider a mutual exchange.  This enables you to swap your home with another tenant living in a housing association or council owned property. Find out more about the process or visit or Read our Home Swapping Tips for helpful advice on how to make the best out of your property. 

Moving to another Golding Homes property

If you currently live in a Golding Homes home and would like to move to another, you will need to contact your Local Authority to request a transfer. For more information speak to your Local Authority or Contact Us

Housing for Older People

We have a variety of bungalows and flats for people over 50 years old, who wish to live independently in their own home but would prefer the added security that sheltered housing has to offer. Find out more information by visiting our OPAL page

Moving to a Neighbouring Borough

If you would like to move to another part of Kent, you will need to contact the Local Authority responsible for housing in that area. 

Moving to another part of the country

If you think thinking of moving outside of the South East, you will need to apply directly to the Local Authority responsible for housing in the area you would like to move to.