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Golding turns 20!

Golding turns 20!

In February 2004 Golding Homes was born out of a stock transfer from our local authority, Maidstone Borough Council, so we've just celebrated turning 20!

Originally named Maidstone Housing Trust – with 6,406 homes – we changed our name in 2010, inspired by the Golding hop and Maidstone’s strong history of the hopping and brewing industries. We’ve since grown into an organisation with 8,559 properties today – providing affordable homes to over 29,000 people in Maidstone and Kent; something we’re incredibly proud of.

Our strong foundation in Maidstone remains to this day and is a critical part of our vision to be an efficient, visible local and listening landlord.

Some of our customers have been with us from the beginning, and Marjorie Rose, aged 100, is one of them. She’s lived in her flat for over 30 years and still lives there independently today. We spoke to Marjorie recently and you can watch what she told us below.