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Our May performance

Our May performance

We want to be open with our customers about how we are performing, so each month we will share our performance figures with you. This graphic shows our performance figures for May 2022 and you can also download it here Customer performance May 22.pdf [pdf] 132KB  or review previous months on our website, just search "performance".  

We are sharing these to be open and transparent about how we are doing. If you have any feedback on our performance please email  

We continue to listen to your feedback and work to improve our services and our regular  "You said, We did" feature shows the improvements we've made. 

You said: you wanted us to do more to deal with environmental crime in your neighbourhoods, like fly-tipping and abandoned vehicles  

We did: we're working in partnership with Maidstone Borough Council (MBC) and the Maidstone Taskforce to make improvements to your neighbourhoods. Thanks to this partnership MBC have given our Tenancy Advisors the power to issue Community Protection Warnings to people that are causing low level anti-social behaviour issues. This is helping to reduce this type of behaviour and issues, making neighbourhoods cleaner and safer to enjoy.