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Making a Difference

Jacqui Linton Making a difference

“Hi, my name is Jacqui Cox and I work for Golding Services as a Resident Liaison Officer.

“I’ve recently been involved in a case where a resident was refusing to have new windows fitted to her home as her husband, who is vulnerable, was unable to cope with the upheaval and change.

“I discussed the situation at length with the couple’s Neighbourhood Advisor, and we wrote to them asking if we could visit with a representative from the contractor, Fairdeal Windows.

“On our first visit, we met with the wife who explained that her husband had ‘come to terms’ with the fact that the house was in need of work. She said that he had previously refused works, such as a new heating and hot water system, as he was unable to cope with the change. The couple still had an old back boiler which wasn’t working and they didn’t have hot water. The customer told me that she fills the bath every day with kettles of water.  She also said that over the years they had used their front bedroom as a storage area and her husband was worried that they would be evicted if we saw it.

“After carrying out a survey of the property the resident introduced me to her husband, who had been outside for the period of our visit. I was able to discuss the works that we wanted to carry out on their home, making sure they were both comfortable with everything before we commissioned any work. I reassured them both that I would be there for them every step of the way, giving them time in between the jobs to adjust to the changes to their home.

“Since the initial visit the husband has told me I have made such an amazing difference to his life; he has even started to clear out the front bedroom. Also during a phone call, the wife said: ‘I cannot begin to tell you how much you have helped us, you have lifted me out of a depression and I am seeing a bright light at the end of what was a very long tunnel’.”

“It has brought tears to my eyes talking to them about their feelings and experiences. This has been the best experience of my working career so far and I am proud to have done something so amazing for these customers.”

If we have contacted you regarding works to your home and you are concerned about the upheaval please do contact us so we can talk it through.