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Our Workwise Service Helps Resident to Get Back on Track

Derby Smith News Story Jan 19

Golding Homes resident, Derby Smith needed practical help as well as technical and emotional support as he fought his way back to employment from what he describes as “a very low ebb”.

The 39-year-old former landscape gardener was determined to beat the depression that followed from a life-threatening illness two years earlier. Now, thanks to the support of Golding Homes’ employment adviser Penny Lowe, Derby is back in work, although continuing to look for something closer to the job he used to do.  

Derby’s problems began at the age of 37 when a severe cold turned to a bout of pneumonia that doctors later said could have proved fatal. While he recovered from the illness, it left him short of energy and suffering from depression.

Earlier this year Derby decided that he had to get himself back into work “because I was determined to be a good father to my two young children”, but it took a great deal of hard work and considerable support from the Golding Homes team.

As well as giving him encouragement and advice, Penny helped Derby in one very practical way.  He recalled: “Penny helped me get an interview with a building company but I was disappointed when I heard that they expected interviewees to wear a suit. I thought that was going to be a real problem, but I was wrong. Penny referred me to Golding Homes’ Dress to Impress scheme and they kitted me out with a suit, shirt, tie, and shoes.”

Despite looking the part, Derby missed out on the job because he didn’t have up-to-date health and safety training, something the Golding Homes team quickly resolved.

Penny organised for Derby to have CSCS (Construction Skills Certification Scheme) training, helping him jump another hurdle to employment. “It’s not an easy course but everyone asks for that qualification these days and it helped me get the agency job I’m doing now,” he said.

And while Derby is now in work, the Golding Homes team is still providing support. “Penny knows that the warehouse job I am doing is only a stopgap and they are continuing to help me work towards getting the kind of job I really want, preferably in the gardening or building trade,” he said.

Now back in work, Derby is determined to continue to better himself – and he knows that the Golding Homes team will stay in touch and help him to do that.

“The agency job is a good start and I am happy to be working and enjoying life at the moment, but it’s not what I want to do long-term,” he explained. “The good thing is that when the next opportunity comes up thanks to Golding Homes I will have a better CV, my CSCS card and a smart suit for the interview.”

To find out how Workwise can help you visit our Workwise page.Derby Smith News Story Jan 19