Anti-Social Behaviour

The term anti-social behaviour (ASB) covers a large amount of unacceptable behaviours, which have a harmful impact on the lives of neighbours and the wider community, causing fear and anxiety.

Golding Homes takes ASB seriously. We have an important role in responding to the concerns of our residents and our communities, offering an effective response to problem behaviour and the harm it causes. Golding Homes cannot do this alone so we will work in partnership with residents, communities, local authorities and the police to find solutions.

What if my problem is really serious?

If you're a victim of crime or serious ASB, such as violence or harassment, we may be able to take legal action straight away. There are a number of legal actions we can take when we have clear evidence in order to take the case to court.  We will discuss it with you and refer the case to the police if a crime has been committed. If you want to take legal action yourself, we can support and advise you with this.

What if I am suffering from abuse from someone in my home? 

Domestic abuse means threats or acts of harassment or assault by someone living with you. It can also include mental, physical or sexual abuse. If you're a victim, don't suffer in silence. Domestic abuse is a crime and we will support you. Please contact us straight away. Click here for more information on how we can help. 


Contact us for advice or to report ASB

We have trained and sympathetic staff available to help you discuss your issues and help find a solution.

Our Anti-Social Behaviour leaflet has more information about recording incidents, what we will do to stop ASB and some helpful numbers. We take ASB seriously and refer to our ASB Policy. Maidstone Borough Council also have a leaflet which may be of some use, called How to deal with neighbour noise.  We have compiled a Directory of Support Services, which lists organisations and agencies which can offer advice and support. 

When you contact us

We will ask you to:

  • Try and resolve the issue by speaking to the person who is behaving unreasonably (we understand some incidents are too serious to do this)
  • Record details of any further incidents using the incident log we will give you
  • Encourage any other witnesses to contact us
  • Work with us to find a solution

We will

  • Provide support and advice
  • Treat your report as confidential
  • Work with the local authorities, police and other agencies to deal with those causing the problems
  • Discuss options with you to decide on the best action to take.  We'll take the best course of action using the information available

Our ASB Promise to Residents

Our promise to residents is to

  • Assess the report within a set times scale
    High severity – 1 working day)
    Medium severity – (3 working days)
    Low severity – (5 working days)
  • Support complainants and witnesses
  • Investigate the complaint
  • Offer mediation where appropriate
  • Enforce the requirement to comply with the tenancy agreement
  • Take legal enforcement action such as injunctions and possession proceeding where the evidence supports it
  • Work with other agencies to reach joined up solutions