Pest control

Pest control

It's your responsibility to keep your home free from pests, but we'll remove pests from communal areas. 

(i) Communal areas are all areas and facilities of a shared building not specifically reserved for the exclusive use of the tenant(s) of one property and, where these areas are external, within the confines of the boundary. This includes shared lobbies, hallways, stairways, laundry and recreational rooms, playgrounds, garden or other leisure areas, day centres, parking areas, pathways, garden spaces, waste enclosures and so on.  

In a block, where there are communal areas such as those described above, Golding’s responsible for pest control in communal areas, internal and external, including the roof.   

In a house or maisonette where there're no commonunal areas , and in individual properties in a block, pest control is a customer’s responsibility.  Pest control in the loft area or roof space of a house or maisonette is also the customer's responsibility.

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Dealing with pests  — get advice on what to do when dealing with different pests in the home.

National Pest Technicians Association

Bat Conservation Trust

British Beekeepers' Association



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Table of responsibilities and actions

*please refer to the recharge policy                                                                                                                                                                            





Pest Control  

Communal Areas (i)

Routine Us It's your responsibility to keep your home free from pests. We’ll  remove pests from communal areas (i).

Pigeon Mess  

Void properties  

Routine Us* An environmental clean will be undertaken by a nominated subcontractor. If the property is in a block we may arrange further prevention measures.  

Pigeon Mess  

Communal areas (Blocks)  

Routine Us We'll deal with pigeon mess in communal areas. This'll cover all areas including walkways, doors, and the external side of windows etc. If the area affected cannot be safely reached, this work will then be given to a sub-contractor to do.  

Pigeon Mess  

Balconies (Block properties)  

Routine Us

Customers are responsible for pest control in their properties and in spaces for their exclusive use, such as balconies.   

Golding Homes or their nominated subcontractor will attend to clean pigeon mess off balconies in a block property, as this can have a detrimental effect on adjacent properties.  

Pigeon Mess   

House or Maisonette



Customers are responsible for cleaning pigeon mess in or around their properties or engaging an independent contractor to carry out the work.