We’ll maintain your kitchen throughout its life, repairing wear and tear damage. When doors, worktops and tiles have been damaged, or need to be replaced we’ll always try to match the colour and style, but where this is not possible, we’ll colour match as best we can. 

As your landlord we’re required by law to complete a gas safety check on your gas appliances every year. This must be done, in all circumstances where you have a gas supply. Please make sure that you arrange for us to have access to your home in plenty of time each year.  

Condensation is caused by too much moisture in the air. If condensation occurs regularly in your home, it can cause damp and mould. Cooking, bathing as well as washing and drying clothes are all common causes of condensation. Visit our page on condensation, damp and mould to find out how you can help reduce it in your home and what you should do to report it.  


Table of responsibilities and actions

Cooker Socket  Routine – full repair  Us
Kitchen cupboards and worktops  Routine – full repair  Us
Plugs and chains    You
Kitchen sink and drainer  Routine – full repair  Us
Tiled splash backs  Routine – full repair  Us
Blocked sink    You
Electric oven or hob (Market Rent customers only)  Emergency – make safe  Us
Gas oven or hob (Market Rent customers only)  Emergency – make safe  Us
Dishwasher, washing machine & fittings (Market Rent customers only)  Routine – full repair  Us
Kitchen fire doors (flats only) Routine - full repair Us