Monitoring Services

Man cleaning inside window

Regular site inspections

We visit sites where we provide services regularly through the year.  We score the condition of the site and the services provided. If the service falls below our expected standard we either raise this with the contractor or our Homes team will arrange for our in-house team to attend to it.

We also have regular meetings with the contractors who provide services for us.  These are services such as grounds maintenance.  If we notice something has been missed or the quality of the service isn’t up to our expected standard, the contractor is then expected to attend and put it right at no additional cost to customers.

Where we provide the services, if something has been missed or the quality of service isn’t up to our expected standard, we’ll attend to it at no additional cost to customers.

Services which the law requires us to provide

These are services such as lift inspections, fire equipment inspections, electric gate servicing.  For these services we have regular meetings with the contractors who provide the services for us.  In these meetings we discuss any issues and their performance as well as compliance.   

Services provided by External Managing Agents

We visit these sites on an ad-hoc basis to check services are being provided.  If we identify an issue we let the agent know so they can attend to it.

If you notice an issue you believe isn’t being attended to, please let us know and we can speak with the external managing agent.

More Information and Advice

There are organisations which can offer free advice.  We’ve given details of two below.

Leasehold Advisory Service


  The Leasehold Advisory Service (LEASE) is a Government funded organisation offering independent advice for residential leaseholders and park home residents.   

Their website has lots of useful information.  You can also speak with them for which you have to book an appointment.  You can also ask for written advice which you request via an online enquiry form.  Further information can be found on their website.


Shelter is a registered  charity  which campaigns for tenant rights in  Great Britain .  They offer a range of advice services including information about service charges. They have advice guides on their website but also offer online chat.

You can also seek advice from a solicitor experienced in property law.  

You can search for a solicitor on the Law Society’s website or if you would like to look for a freelance Solicitor you can search the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

Law Society website.

Solicitors Regulation Authority website:

There will be fees and costs for the services of a solicitor and you will need to talk about this when you contact them.