Report a Repair

Man repairing sink with tools repair The easiest way you can report a repair to us is via our online form below. You can also phone us; just visit our contact us page for more details.

Report a Repair

Before you contact us about a repair it might be useful to take a quick look at our Friendly guide to repairs as this clearly states whose responsibility the repair is. Please note that we are currently updating the Friendly Guide to Repairs and will upload a new version as soon as it is available. 

Repair Categories

We categorise our repairs into:-

  • Emergency  – Flooding, blocked drains, insecure doors and windows (within 4 hours of your call)
  • Vital - plumbing, heating problems (within 24 hours)
  • Routine – any other work (within 28 calendar days)

In an emergency please report your repair to us immediately on 0300 777 2600 (option 1 for repairs). Please don’t complete an online form. For emergencies we aim to attend in 4 hours and make safe within 24 hours. Examples of what is classed as an emergency include burst plumbing, total loss of electricity/mains water, backflow from a main drain, no heating or hot water (except during May-Oct when we aim to complete the repair within 5 days) and a blocked toilet if it is the only one in the home. 

If you smell gas report it by calling the National Gas Emergency Number on 0800 111 999. We carry out annual gas safety checks, please visit our Gas Services page for more information.