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Condensation and Mould

What is Condensation?

Condensation is the water droplets that appear on a cold surface when it comes into contact with warm air, e.g. on windows on a cold morning, on a bottle of milk when it comes out of the fridge, etc. It does not come through walls, but from moisture in the air.

What causes Condensation?

There are four main factors that cause condensation:

  • Too much moisture being produced in the home
  • Not enough ventilation
  • Cold surfaces
  • The temperature of your home

Condensation can lead to mould if you do not:

  • Improve ventilation in order to circulate air
  • Reduce the amount of moisture in the air
  • Maintain an adequate temperature (heating your home)

What steps can I take to reduce condensation in my home and get rid of mould?

Read our Condensation and Mould Advice Sheet for advice on how to reduce condensation and get rid of mould.