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As a Landlord Golding Homes has no legal responsibility to replace fences and as such do not have a fencing programme in place. 

Will you repair my fence?

We will only repair or replace a fence where the fencing borders a public space or communal walkway (where planning permits), e.g. where a property borders a car park or a main road. Fences which divide properties, for example between rear gardens, will only be made safe. However, this may include removing the fence completely.

Can I put in my own fencing?

If you would like to erect your own fencing you can do so, at your own cost, on the correct boundary line and in compliance with local authority planning regulations. Any fence you erect is then your responsibility to maintain. You must inform Golding Homes if this work is undertaken.

If you want to replace a hedge with a fence you must first obtain permission from us. Each case will be considered individually. You can contact us by email or write to our Property Services Team at our Head Office.

We recommend you let your neighbours know when you plan to erect your own fence.

To find a reputable fencing contractor visit Our older customers may qualify for support in completing repairs to their own fences. Please visit for more information.

Will you replace my gate?

If a gate is beyond repair then we will make it safe which may include removal. We will not fit replacement gates.

I need a fence to ensure my children/pets stay in the garden.

We understand the safety of children and pets is important however, as your landlord, we have no responsibility to secure your boundary. It is your responsibility to ensure the safety of children and pets. If you are concerned, we suggest you install or repair the fencing yourself. If you have concerns about your neighbour’s pet or child getting into your garden, please raise your concerns directly with your neighbour.

Golding Homes will not install fencing to deal with nuisance from dogs. If dogs cause nuisance we will deal with this through the rights and responsibilities set out in the Tenancy Agreement.

I am a private tenant / homeowner, will you put a dividing fence between our properties?

No, we do not install fencing between properties. If you would like to put in additional fencing you should install it yourself within your own boundary