College Court

College Court

What are we doing?

As a result of intrusive building surveys, we’ve identified some areas where improvement works may be required. This includes ensuring disused gas flues are correctly sealed and installing an automatic smoke ventilation system to the communal areas. We are working with consultants to develop a schedule of works and will share this with you once it’s been completed. All customers will be able to remain in their homes whilst any works take place.

We’ll be posting the latest news for College Court here, so please visit this page to stay up-to-date.

Latest update 06.05.22

As you know there was a fire at College Court on 1 November 2021. We are pleased to report that the building’s fire protection system acted as it should, the fire was contained within one room, and no one was hurt. We were able to work with Kent Fire and Rescue Service to make sure that the fire was put out quickly and everyone remained safe inside their homes.


Repairs are being arranged where needed and we hope to have everything back to normal soon. If anybody has any concerns following the fire, please contact the building safety team.


Evacuation plan for College Court

The current evacuation plan for College Court is stay put. If you are alerted to a fire, there are different actions you should take depending on the location of the fire:

  • Fire in your flat: Leave your flat, closing all doors behind you and call 999 when safe to do so
  • Fire in common areas: Only leave the building if you are in that area
  • Fire in another flat or another part of the building: Stay in your flat

If you’re not directly affected by the fire, you can stay in your flat unless directed otherwise by the emergency services.

If at any time you feel under threat, you are of course still free to leave the building.

What is a Personal Escape Plan?

A Personal Escape Plan is what you would follow in event of a fire in your building. For your own safety, it’s important you and your family all know what to do in the event of a fire. If there is anyone in your household who in the event of an emergency, may not be able to quickly reach a place of safety unaided, or may need additional support in the event of a fire, please email so that we can work with them to make sure they remain safe.

Fire Risk Assessment (FRA)

A fire risk assessment is an inspection of a building and it’s use, structure and the occupants. It identifies any potential fire safety hazards and risks present and provides recommendations on how those risks can be managed to keep the people living in the building safe.

We’ve been working with a group of engaged customers who live in mid and high rise buildings to make improvements to these FRA’s - making them clearer and easier for everyone to understand.

You can view a copy of this new Customer summary Fire Risk Assessment College Court - 2022.pdf [pdf] 226KB here.

Your building’s fire risk assessment may include some actions, which we will complete by the due date stated.

Contact us

If you have any questions, please contact us via or call 0300 777 2600 and ask for someone in the Building Safety Team