Building Safety

We take your safety and the safety of your home very seriously. Because of that, we have created a special Building Safety team to support you and look after the safety of everyone living in our mid to high-rise blocks. Click on your building below to find out information on the work that is starting or already underway on your building.

Following the Grenfell Tower tragedy, we are doing more than ever before to make sure your building is safe. There are lots of changes taking place, including new proposed laws and regulations, in how we should look after homes in high rise blocks. Our new team has been making sure we are on top of those requirements. You will know this from the special fire risk assessments and surveys that we have done at your block which has helped to identify any work needed, and in some cases, this work has already started.

Most of all, the team is here to listen to you. You are the eyes and ears at our blocks and you know your home best. You can contact the team via email: or phone 0300 777 2600.

In an emergency we can send you an update by email or text. Please make sure we have your current contact details. You can update this information via MyGolding or online .