Empire Reach

Empire Reach

What are we doing?

We are installing fire prevention measures around service penetrations (eg gas pipes, water, electric) above the ceilings in flats and communal areas. We will also be completing works around soil pipes, doorframes and some dry riser outlets on the communal landings. These works are being carried out in a rolling programme, so that all homes are complete before we start the next ones.

All customers will be able to remain in their homes while these works take place.

Our fire consultants carried out an external survey of the building on the 27 and 28 October 2021. Based on the findings of this survey we will be able to identify if any further works are needed.

We’ll be posting the latest news for Empire Reach here, so please visit this page to stay up-to-date.

Latest update 26.11.21

The project began on 16 August 2021 with completion of the internal works planned for the end of January 2022. Works have slowed due to the variety of layouts within individual flats, and this is now planned for the end March 2022. We are working with the developer Chartway to ensure any disruption is kept to a minimum and we will keep you updated on progress here.

We currently have no news on dates for any external works that may be required.

Evacuation plan for Empire Reach

During these works we have had to change the evacuation strategy at Empire Reach from ‘stay put’ to ‘simultaneous evacuation’ and have installed a fire alarm system to support this. If you hear the alarm sound you should leave the building following fire signage to your nearest safe exit – do not use the lifts in event of fire.

The safe muster point is at the promenade to the rear of Empire Reach, accessed by the side pathway. Any muster point must be a safe and clear distance from the building and this location is following guidance supported by the Fire & Rescue Service

Once all required works are complete, we will remove the fire alarm and revert back to the original ‘stay put’ policy.

What is a Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan? (PEEP)

A Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan is an individual escape plan for anyone who may not be able to quickly reach a place of safety unaided in the event of an emergency. If you feel that there is someone in your household that may need support in the event of a fire, please email buildingsafety@goldinghomes.org.uk so that we can complete a PEEP with them to make sure they remain safe. For your own safety, it’s important you and your family all know what to do in the event of a fire.

Fire Risk Assessment (FRA) and EWS1 forms

A fire risk assessment is an inspection of a building and it’s use, structure and the occupants. It identifies any potential fire safety hazards and risks present and provides recommendations on how those risks can be managed to keep the people living in the building safe.

You can view a copy of the latest Fire Risk Assessment for  Empire Reach FRA 2021.pdf [pdf] 2MB here.

Your building’s fire risk assessment may include some actions, which we will complete by the due date stated.

A fire consultancy will be involved throughout the project to ensure an External Wall Survey 1 (EWS1) form will be issued after work is completed. EWS1 forms are required by mortgage lenders.

Contact us

If you have any questions, please contact us via buildingsafety@goldinghomes.org.uk or call 0300 777 2600 and ask for someone in the Building Safety Team.