If your able to, consider walking , instead of driving this will save money on fuel or travel and help you to stay active. You could also consider moving to two wheels. C ycling is a great way to keep fit and active and a cheap way to get around. All customers can apply for a personal development grant to purchase a bike or look for a second hand one. 

Plan your travel using Kent Connected which gives safest routes, with costs for walking, cycling, bus, train, car and car sharing.  

Car (fuel saving – top tips)    

  1. Shop around and compare fuel prices.( PetrolPrices is an app which can be used for this – the data is generated by users.)  
  2. Keep tyre pressure at 0.3–0.5 bar above advised pressure to have low rolling resistance tyres.
  3. Reduce unnecessary weight , remove roof boxes or racks if not in use and avoid driving with a full tank.
  4. Switch off air conditioning.
  5. Drive smoothly and slower – driving at 70mph uses 15% more fuel then at 50mph. 
  6. If you have it- use the engine stop/start. Leaving your engine running (or idling) can use 2p of fuel per minute.
  7. Combine journeys to reduce the miles you’re travelling. 
  8. C onsider car sharing with neighbours , colleagues, friends or family.   
  9. In winter scrape ice from your car rather than leaving your car idling to warm up. 


Public Transport  

Rail:  Check to see if there s a railcard that ll save you money. They cost up to £30 a year and can get you a third off most train travel, so if you'll spend over £90 a year, you can save. Go to National Rail for more information.  

Bus:  Check to see if there s a bus pass that you can apply for that ll save you money. Get a bus pass.