Benefits Advice

You, like many people, may be missing out on financial help which you are entitled to through welfare benefits. 

Housing and Council Tax Support are aimed at helping people on low incomes to pay their rent and council tax. To find out if you are eligible you will need to contact your local authority. They will calculate and pay any Housing or Council Tax Support you are entitled to.

Entitlements to these benefits are dependent on your income, savings and family circumstances e.g. your age, size of family and if you or your family have a disabllity.

For advice or help please contact your local authority.

If you think you are entitled to other benefits then speak to your local Citizens Advice Bureau or visit Turn2us.

Discretionary housing payments (DHP)

What are discretionary housing payments (DHP)?

Each local council is given a pot of money each year to help people who qualify for housing benefit (or similar help under universal credit) but are having trouble paying their rent or finding enough money to pay for the start-up costs of a tenancy.The council decides who should be given a DHP, how much and how often the payment is made. It may be paid weekly or can be a lump sum. Payments can also be backdated.

A discretionary housing payment could help top-up your housing benefit if you are facing hardship, including if you have been affected by housing benefit changes. A DHP won't be a long-term answer, but could help you in the short-term.

How to apply

  • Contact your council for a DHP form or if your local council is Maidstone Borough Council or Tunbridge Wells Borough Council download a copy here . 
  • Give as much information about your costs as possible