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    You said, we did

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    Golding Homes is committed to listening to our customers and acting on your feedback.

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You said, we did

We take your feedback through complaints, surveys, and compliments seriously. Our ‘You Said, We Did’ feature details what we've done to improve our services to you over the last year.

  1. You said, we did August 2022

    • You said: the void standard (of our empty homes) wasn’t good enough 
    • We did: We've reviewed this and introduced changes to ensure our homes are handed over to customers in a better condition, including full decoration where required and removing out of date fittings. 
  2. You said, we did July 2022

    • You said: you find money saving advice and tips helpful
    • We did: we've got a dedicated page on the website with top water-saving tips and useful advice on how to save you money on your energy bills throughout the year
  3. You said, we did June 2022

    • You said: you wanted us to do more to deal with environmental crime in your neighbourhoods, like fly-tipping and abandoned vehicles  
    • We did: we're working in partnership with Maidstone Borough Council (MBC) and the Maidstone Taskforce to make improvements to your neighbourhoods. Thanks to this partnership MBC has given our Tenancy Advisors the power to issue Community Protection Warnings to people who are causing low level anti-social behaviour issues. This is helping to reduce this type of behaviour, making neighbourhoods cleaner and safer to enjoy. 
  4. You said, we did May 2022

    • You said: you wanted us to do more in your communities to tackle issues with waste, bin stores and noise nuisance.
    • We did: we're working in partnership with Miadstone Borough Council (MBC) Waste Disposal team to take action in your neighbourhoods. So far we've sent out 24 waste disposal agreements to customers that aren't getting rid of their rubbish correctly, served notices with MBC to seven different blocks to educate everyone on waste disposal, handed out a fine to a private resident who had been found fly-tipping on our land and created neighbourhood agreements which help to explain everyone's responsibility in keeping neighbourhoods clean and safe for everyone to enjoy. 
  5. You said, we did March 2022

    • You said: Following a review of our mutual exchange process, you said that customers who exchanged homes but were new to Golding didn’t get the same experience as those signing up for a tenancy for the first time.  
    • We did: We're doing welcome calls for all new customers that have come through the mutual exchange process, to check they’re settling in well and help answer any questions they may have about Golding and our services. 


  6. You said, we did February 2022


    • You said: Leaseholders would like access to the MyGolding portal to check their statements and pay their bills. 
    • We did: We launched MyGolding for our leaseholder customers in December 2021. 


    • You said: You wanted to see more activities being held in our Opal schemes. 
    • We did: We’ve started some arm chair exercise classes in Hardwick House and Lenham House, and digital training in Shepway. 


  7. You said, we did January 2022

    • You said:  The Customer Improvement Group (CIG) wanted some questions answered around the building and fire safety work we've been carrying out. 
    • We did:  Our Building Safety team went to the last CIG meeting in December and explained to members the work we’ve been doing over the last year and answered any questions. We'll be holding a regular slot at these CIG meetings to ensure we’re continuously providing updates. 


    • You said: You wanted to see more support and advice available for young parents.
    • We did: We're working with Early Help Officers from Ashford social care to provide a weekly support group for young parents. Every Tuesday, 12 - 1.30pm at Belgic Court, The Limes, Ashford, parents can get support and advice and children will have the opportunity to play and socialise.
  8. You said, we did December 21

    • You said: Sometimes when you speak to us, things are concerning you beyond your need for a repair or information on your rent account. Customers often need legal or emotional support, perhaps advice on a family issue or support during a period of poor mental health. 

    • We did: We’ve invested in the Tenant Support and Wellbeing Service on behalf of our customers, which is now live. Our customers can access counselling and information 24 hours a day, seven days a week, completely confidentially. We're proud to offer this service, as an additional benefit to our customers exactly when it’s needed most. 

    • You said: The outside of your property hasn’t been decorated for years. 
    • We did: In the New Year we’re starting a periodic decoration programme of our homes which will run over the next seven years. We’ll be arranging to visit your homes, to assess the condition of the property and any works needed.
    • You Said: You wanted to know where you are in the queue when you call us  

    • We Did: We’ve put in place a way to tell you while you wait for the call to be answered 

  9. You said, we did October 21

    • You said: We take too long to answer the phone. 
    • We did: We've cross trained our team so that more people can help with your queries, including answering repair calls which cuts down on call waiting times.
  10. You said, we did September 21

    • You said: We needed to provide a better service to customers when they report an issue of condensation, damp or mould in their home.  
    • We did: We’ve introduced a new process of managing and reporting condensation, damp and mould cases, created a website page with information on what could cause it in your home, the steps you can take to help reduce it and an online form to report it.  
  11. You said, we did August 2021

    • You said: You don’t like our “hold” music on our telephone system as you find it irritating before you get to speak to a Customer Services Advisor.  
    • We did: We switched our hold music to something a bit more soothing. Let us know what you think. 
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